Monday, March 24, 2008

drawing and coloring

M has entered the stage when she wants to draw actual pictures and color. This is a picture of a dog she drew. It is her first picture that is easy to identify. Her favorite item to draw with is magnadoodle, she has had this for about eight months and it is used everyday. At first she would just completely black out the board with the magnet and erase it and repeat this over and over again. She then went on to adding faces to a few of the magnet stamps that came with it. This has been used so often that I am thinking of getting her a new one, because some of the magnet pieces no longer erase and the surface is all scratched up. There are so many different variations of this toy, I have already picked up a Thomas the train one for L when he is older. From having play groups at our house I know this is one toy that having multiple items will help to prevent arguments. I have narrowed it down to two lake shore learnings abc tracers and fp little people school bus. There is something about drawing on the board and then erasing that she finds soothing.

I am also looking for something to help M learn she does not have to push so hard on the paper to make a mark. She pushes so hard, it makes her little hands hurt. I've heard "It's ruined - tape it mommy" so many times I've lost count. I was so happy to come across crayons that are in a plastic case that you twist up. This has eliminated so many tantrums since they can't break in half I just wish they came in a bigger size.

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